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album review : Five Serpent’s Teeth (2011) – Evile

album : Five Serpent’s Teeth

artist : Evile

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2011

Here comes a thrash album that blows so much air that keeping myself firmly on the ground is a little hard. With a form of metal that is the most angry, England-based Evile keep the anxiety component alive on their music. Treading along the line between pure thrash and modern thrash, Evile‘s third album Five Serpent’s Teeth has four thrash military soldiers who have been ordered to take things in their own hands and save the world from forgetting what thrash with high caliber is.

While Origin Of Oblivion, Descent Into Madness, Long Live New Flesh, Eternal Empire are out and out thrash tracks, there are a few others like the title track Five Serpent’s Teeth, Centurion and Xaraya that show us that Evile is also concentrating on minimizing the gap between modern thrash and the original form of the genre which is the way we have always known it. The lengthy guitar sections glow on several tracks on the album.

In Memorian is out of the thrash league, and is a very beautiful, powerfully soft serenade which you hope would play on and on. Solos reign major portions of the tracks as a thrash album would not be considered complete without them. Check out In Dreams Of Terror, Cult, Centurion and Descent Into Madness.

Evile has released two albums before this and they are pushing the envelope each time. I want to see them go all the way and make more and more thrash. With Five Serpent’s Teeth they have raised the curtains higher so more people can get to see them do their thing. So shout, Eeh-vile!

Rating : 4/5

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