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Ep review : Act I Scene I (2011) – Weird Anxiety

ep : Act I Scene I

artist : Weird Anxiety

genre : Progressive Dark Metal

year : 2011

Straight from the Himalayas, Act I Scene I accumulates the better amazing bits of the beautiful forests and most importantly does not come across as a debut.

The production crowns the thought that the band – Weird Anxiety – is looking to conquer, but is a little extra neat if you know what I mean. I’m wholehearteadly surprised at the song-writing as I continue to let myself fall for each of the tracks over and over again.

The band auctions it’s existence on the first track Just When it Started to Darkout in Heaven, which has chunks of warm synth and guitar layers. Vocalist cannot be not liked as he is exerting a lot of required force. The title of the next track, God Still Hates Me had me hiding my smile as I couldn’t care less about it, but the composition is ace. More synth, more guitars here, drums are more or less spread out.

Of the three songs, they’ve left the best for the end with Maid of the Mist packing off for a depressive vacation while the other two are working things out. Maid of the Mist is nothing less than those better sounding depressive bands that I’ve heard, this one’s a nailer for a debut.

Just so non-dark music listeners too come into their reach the music has been made with several floors of breaking up in between. The advantage of this is that you wouldn’t ask for directions in case you don’t know what is going on, you’ll just continue listening.

Weird Anxiety‘s Act I Scene I is like a still photography session with a few totally bereft souls where they are crying their heart out for some hope, they beg you to listen to them while they screech about how god still hates them or how darkness takes over the assumed place where all losers want to land up. Smoking pot while playing Act I Scene I will make you more anxious and more weirdly so. This dark progressive release doesn’t just seem dark, it is dark at every fucking step.

If I place the album alongside other global releases in the same genre only then will I say they aren’t too unique but they are extremely promising. Act I Scene I is a proud release from India.

Rating : 3/5

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