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demo review : In Sanity (2011) – Dormant Inferno

demo : In Sanity

artist : Dormant Inferno

genre : Death/Doom Metal

year : 2011

This is a first of it’s kind release to have come out of India assembled by newcomers Dormant Inferno. Their debut demo has forced me to jot down a few words so I can keep reminding myself of them. In Sanity has recorded the challenging genre of death/doom and I’d say better late than never.

Everything from production to the arrangement gets a thumbs up from this doom-loyalist. While Failed Experiments is the most tragic of them all, Ashes leaves you even more alone. Expecting anything bright to come out of Total Negation would not only be lame but a mistake too. Also, there are some serious raw melodies coming out of the synth. Obviously the collective effort has worked on In Sanity but the vocals hog more limelight for being fittingly killer.

All three songs on In Sanity appear to have been produced by veterans, and this short note is to get right back at Dormant Inferno for their brave attempt. If not anything else the tracks are registered in the part where I store my gray matter. The band has put it up for free download, so get the demo and you’ll be led into making the most out of it. Solid doom this is!

Rating : 3.5/5

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