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Melvins live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Melvins definitely know how to have fun while performing. While they rocked and rolled the audiences, I was standing right below them with goosebumps. Melvins wrote the principal set of laws for the genres of sludge/drone sometime around 1984, and have been captivating the metal lovers ever since. They have been quoted as an influence by more bands than the amount of precision with which they were jamming on their songs this particular evening at the second edition of I’ll Be Your Mirror, 2012.

They have four vocalists, one lead guitarist, one bass player and two drummers and are still a four-piece act. With their next album Freak Puke ready for release, this gig served as a much needed sneak peak into the next record. Shall I praise the co-ordination between the drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis, or should I highlight the genuine admiration the band garnered from the audiences? All of our playful bantering, hip gyrations and unoriginal reflexes aside the least I can say is everyone present loved every minute they spent with one of the most unusual bands I have come across, a band that has composed music spanning across multiple genres – the one and only Melvins.

Melvins’s set-list for the night 

Hung Bunny
Roman Bird Dog
The Water Glass
Evil New War God
A History of Bad Men
Youth of America (Wipers cover)
A Growing Disgust
The War on Wisdom
The Bit

Pictures from Melvins’s performance. Click on the pictures to to enlarge them.


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