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album review : Tragic Idol (2012) – Paradise Lost

album : Tragic Idol

artist : Paradise Lost

genre : Gothic Rock / Metal

year : 2012

They are amongst the first names from the early death/doom metal era, but Paradise Lost cannot be labelled only under that single genre anymore. They’ve contributed to the genesis, shaping and advancement of doom metal by taking themselves outside the perimeters of the genre much before bands started to think that changing their style is something that is actually possible. A career spanning over twenty years, thirteen full-length albums (including Tragic Idol) and fans across galaxies, they are one of those extraordinary bands from the underground scene to have kissed tremendous success and they keep applying their own laws of music as and when they feel the need. Paradise Lost‘s dabbling between metal and rock, their trysts with clean and harsh vocals, and the evergreen theme of despair on all their albums have proved fruitful to the fans and the band.

Coming to Tragic Idol (love the name), the vibe of the album is much like most of the earlier works of the band, and finding something new for your memories becomes a little hard. The album is true to the roots of Paradise Lost, battling every personal issue, opening every sphere of the mind to indulge into the problem and not drawing a line when it comes to talking out inner problems. Coming very close to the band’s music you realize that Paradise Lost does not want to break free of things, they only want to share so that the rest of us who are floating in the same river have a voice. The lyrics on Tragic Idol (and every other PD album) is not some mindless blabbering about beer or chicks, it is an in-depth journey into the deepest lanes of this complicated world that we call ‘mind’.

One really cannot argue with a band such as this one who have vowed to take ownership of the darkest corners in our head with their music, producing riveting tunes such as those on Solitary One, Crucify, Honesty In Death, . Then there are a few others occupying you with their atmospheric greatness such as Fear Of Impending Hell, In This We Dwell, title track Tragic Idol, or the straight-forward fast riff worship on Theories From Another World and To The Darkness. Face melting solos, designed to assist your thoughts to keep going lest they bite the dust, have been evenly distributed on the album.

Tragic Lost is very strong on emotions, less driven by variety, and has some fabulously crafted tracks that can definitely be played at funerals. This definitely isn’t an album for party lovers because this is exactly where the party should stop. Tragic Lost is poetry in motion, and as is sung on one of the songs on the album, “My honesty in death, honesty adorns the end, modesty’s intent“, it is only the end that matters to Paradise Lost as can be inferred from the band’s name that there never was a paradise, and if at all there was one it has already been lost. Now that’s what we should call a happy ending.

Rating : 3.5/5


10, Grosvenor House

To begin with I don’t miss my country, but I miss my family and my friends. Cheltenham, where I’m going to be at for a good 11 months, is a town in Gloucestershire county. In comparison to the Indian cities I’ve stayed in the place ain’t big so I assume I would not get lost at any point, even if I were drunk. But nevertheless it is too well organized, amazingly planned and most importantly it is beautiful. Eventually everything would be up here on the zine. Amidst all the cultural differences and not-too-crowded bylanes the weather here is irresistibly cold. But then one gets used to everything in life, right? If we are disappointed with someone, and we are able to dust ourselves and move on, which is tough, then a change in weather, environment, surrounding and the like are definitely not ‘issues’. Life should be anything but artificial and a slap once in a while, in any shape or form, is necessary to become aware of what is happening around you.

Al right, so in a week’s time here I’ve already experienced a temperature of zero degrees and have started cooking my own food. 10, Grosvenor House. That’s where I’m having a time of my life, and its contrary to what the name might suggest to you. Let me take you through the residence. Cheltenham is known for horse racing and there is an annual festival that happens here some time during the month of March where in this city witnesses a huge influx of tourists. ‘Sources’ told me this same house is rented out for around 800 pounds a night during the fest. Sweet.

Even though you have already seen the interiors I’d still want you to knock the door before coming in. You never know what I’m indulging myself in!

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Fifty Grands

Never had I thought there would be a time when I’d feel paralyzed without a pen and a paper. Nor had I imagined that I would not be able to survive without scrutinizing my mind to think beyond the ordinary. While today is no special day for the rest, I consider this as one of the best. These fifty thousand hits have not come easy…

I define writing as letting myself loose so the mind can wander about and bring me back such situations that not only hold true to what I am trying to express but also look at life upfront. Although I kept metal – the genre – as the base theme for the blog, there have been several other articles I have thoroughly enjoyed putting down and sure derived a lot of pleasure from. Trying to review everything under the sun helped me broaden. Full-length albums, Eps, demos, teasers, gigsfilms, documentaries, gadgets, et cetera.

Occasional polls, photographs, interactions, interviews kept it going and quite a few of the articles had also risen from my misanthropic nerves allowing me to not beat around the bush when talking hatred. I just love to hate, thanks to my experiences which push me to keep the abomination uncensored and first-rate.

Definitely not someone who believes in hiding anything from my readers I dedicate the next few lines to my own fucking self. In the course of last one year or rather since the time I had stopped forcing myself to write there have been some revelations that need to be documented. First amongst them (and sadly enough) I realized I was the only one in the world who had not watched Simpsons. Trying to ignore what you read would be a sweet gesture, as I was also made aware that free porn sites did exist. *explosions and bright lights*

I think that would be enough to make your day.

Absurd History – the blog – was registered by me on 28th of November, 2009 on wordpress. The first three articles that came on the same day go like this : poetic tribute to Kryptos, review of Workshop’s debut album Khooni Murga (2009), Great Indian Rock XIII (2009) – Bangalore leg review. As of today this piece that you are reading is the 183rd topic here.

I salute the readers. I salute the subscribers. I salute the supporters. The rest of them will reach here soon. There isn’t more to life than being absurd, and this term has a lot more to it than just what it actually means.

Cheers and keep reading,
Itihas Shetty

Creepy Mansion

Dhwani Prayog

(l to r) : me, ajitabh, nilesh, rohini, ashwini

This goes back to early-2009. Apart from being a part of my existence, Dhwani Prayog also helped me divert from the arid life of software industry. They are a fusion/experimental band based out of Pune and had me doing the percussions. My last stint with drumming at any level ended with this band. Fans of Indian Ocean might just get blown away by their music as Dhwani Prayog is heavily inspired by them. As for the metalheads I doubt whether there is anything I can provide for you with this one.

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