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album review : Grim Scary Tales (2011) – Macabre

album : Grim Scary Tales

artist : Macabre

genre : Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore

year : 2011

No! Are you kidding me? This fucked up album set to release on the thirty first of this month had leaked when there was still one month left for the last decade to close. This is my first attempt (no one ever recommended it to me anyways) at allowing Macabre to impress me and they lost their golden opportunity. Hearing Grim Scary Tales and then calling them an influential death metal band is like an insult. How about someone coming and telling you that an unknown wasted douchebag is your father?

aren’t they laughable?

No creativity and zero originality summarizes the release of this American band’s fifth release. The disturbed trio with a pathetic sense of music mix death metal with sick humor and vocals like that. They now have the liberty to shove all their tracks up their ass. You will also find a cover track named Countess Bathory which sounds worthy because it was originally composed by Venom. There are songs talking about certain serial killers too which would seriously offend the murderers. In case all of them referred to on this album are already dead then they will not take up butchering in their next lives.

To add salt to Macabre‘s injury I am not even going to read the titles of their previous albums. The idea of gore that they are making money out of is too ‘low’ for me. They do not fit in any of the genres I mentioned in the beginning. Grim Scary Tales is as ridiculous as a metal release can get.

Rating : 1/5

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