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festival review: Dark Tranquillity live at Bangalore Open Air, 2013

martin henriksson dark tranquillity live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history

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Swedish melodic powerhouse Dark Tranquillity were also amongst one of the most anticipated bands to play at the 2013 edition of Bangalore Open Air. With their immense love for themes like memories, death and despair, for those of us who are actually into it couldn’t have come any closer in terms of matching our emotional frequencies with a metal artist. DT, as they are fondly known to their fans, amaze the listeners each time with their tracks, that enhance the blurry corridors of our mind thereby cleansing the world that’s present inside each person. And hence there is a massive connect.

mikael stanne dark tranquillity live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history 01

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Having missed their Hyderabad performance in 2011, being there in front of Jeff Hanneman stage was mandatory for me. And boy did they splash the crowd with showers of dark melody! Everyone woke up from their drunken slumber and paid attention to Dark Tranquillity‘s roulette. We chose our ball, placed it on whichever compartment of our emotional wheel and there they had a song ready for you. Razor sharp death metal was acuminated even more by their earsplitting presence on stage. Everything remained benign during their performance, be it the weather, sound or vocalist Mikael Stanne‘s smile.

niklas sundin dark tranquillity live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history

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Having successfully released their new record Construct earlier this year, India was a perfect stop for their album tour and the band made sure they did not leave anyone dissatisfied. dark tranquillity live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history 01 Heads were banged and fists were raised to their tracks that were chosen more from their new record, but old crowd favorites were also played. The lethal combination of Martin Henriksson (guitars), Anders Jivarp (drums), Niklas Sundin (guitars), Martin Brändström (synth) and our beloved Mikael Stanne (vocals) sent chills down the spine of everyone who was present during their set. Not that they were spooky or anything, but they achieved it through a barrage of intimidating cimmerian riffs and beats.

Huge grins on the faces of the members throughout the set placed us in their hearts, and I have no doubts about them returning again in the future. Tenth DT album is now out and they are still going strong. For never disappointing their fans, be it with their studio albums or a live performance, may the force always be with Dark Tranquillity.

dark tranquillity live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history 02

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[ Pictures – courtesy of Khushboo Sinha. Everybody head over to the link to check out more of her work here: Khushboo Sinha’s tumblr page ]

album review : One For Sorrow (2011) – Insomnium

album : One For Sorrow

artist : Insomnium

genre : Melodic Death Metal

year : 2011

Yes, they did make you feel like you’ve lost everything in life. They did make you sense their pain even at times when you were happy, all because you decided to play their songs. They did make darkness look more dark than you’d expect it to be. Somebody had to make you go through all of this and in the melodic death genre it was Insomnium. And, they had set out to do just that which implies success kissed their feet with a whole lot of mourning.

But this Finnish band, with a stronghold in the department that matches the unpleasant description I provided, has come to a point where it seems they have robbed you of all the cheerfulness they could. Now, on their fifth full-length One For Sorrow they are taking their skills of playing the instruments to a better level without providing much variety in their sound.

One For Sorrow takes off in a very promising manner with Inertia, where in desolation is touched upon. They’ve kept the album opener simplistically strong. Once you hit track number two Through The Shadows old-Insomnium memories begin to creep in. And this record shouldn’t have sounded like that. Not always. The pattern continues and the only thing one can do now is try to find a song that is better than the other because they all are from the same old-Insomnium tree. A tree which has had stronger branches in the past.

So, going by the above logic Song of The Blackest Bird, Unsung, Regain the Fire and One For Sorrow are more melodic, more death and more metal than the rest. In fact Unsung and the title track manage to transfer you to some place Insomnium has in mind. I just can’t stop playing Decoherence, as it is something else altogether. It is a song that stands on it’s own feet. Decoherence is melodic metal, with no death in it.

Insomnium has always been spraying melancholy all over us, and even though I hate to say this about one of the bands that I love listening to every once in a while, this time over with One For Sorrow they sound a bit stagnated. No doubt all songs on the record are good but they haven’t experimented or composed anything that we did not expect them to. But I will always have a thing for this band for being one of the very few acts that have rightly understood my favorite emotion.

Rating : 3/5

album review : Circle Regenerated (2011) – Norther

album : Circle Regenerated

artist : Norther

genre : Melodic Death Metal

year : 2011

Beautifully blended set of melodic death songs that do not seem to miss Petri at all. All this on Norther‘s sixth full-length Circle Regenerated. Finnish band Norther lost their dedicated vocalist/guitarist (and, founder) Petri Lindoos to his other project Ensiferum almost two years back and soon found a replacement in Aleksi Sihvonen. This new man on vocals whom I’m unaware of does not make it hard for you to like Norther again, considering it would be easy for you to like atleast four of their last five albums (just being safe).

It might have been tougher for Aleksi to fill someone’s shoes who has been with the band since it’s inception. Man, does he impress or what! Aleksi cruises the songs ahead thereby taking the lead with the guitarists providing him the shoulders to fall back on. Drums blasts appeal to the overall melody coming out of the songs. The songs aren’t cliched like how it has been lately with many of the melodic death albums I’ve been listening to. Solos are the unique selling point of Circle Regenerated.

Even after keeping this album away from us for years would not take away the freshness Norther is providing here. One of the top melodic  death albums to have come out of Finland this year. Let’s hear it for Norther!

Rating : 4/5

Random (re)Discovery #3 – Ghost Brigade

ghost brigade, finland

Yeah its time for the next recommendation and this time I was forced to do it. It all began when this friend of mine forwarded me a mail containing one track of the band which is in line for some heavy praise right now – Ghost Brigade. The song goes by the name Secrets Of the Earth, and I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. Ghost Brigade is a Finnish melodic metal band with five members, and two albums to their credit. Wanting to know about the band that made this track led me to download their second album Isolation Songs since it contained the same track and hey its not that they have made just one awesome track but the entire album induces the right sentiments for me.

isolation songs cover

If only everything on this planet was melodic but never mind, I can make do with such gifted metal bands producing my kind of music. Within a day of downloading their second album and after hearing it close to half a dozen times in entirety I downloaded the first album Guided By Fire too. Although I did not hook up to Guided By Fire as badly as I did to Isolation Songs, the debut album is also unsurprisingly good. It seemed as if I was waiting for a band with a sound like this to come along. So for people who do not have the right mail to guide them to Ghost Brigade should go through the band’s discography in order. So when they are hearing the last release and the band’s second they would probably respect Ghost Brigade more than I do at the moment.

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