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Ep review : Metastasis (2010) – Bhayanak Maut

ep : Metastasis

artist : Bhayanak Maut

genre : Metalcore/Groove Metal

year : 2010

Armed with their respective weapons, the members of Bhayanak Maut are on a killing spree with their new Ep Metastasis making it to every metal household. Even the freeloading households as the three song Ep has been made available for free download.

Spreading the intensely metalcore disease through their tracks, the band has managed to shut critics and haters alike while making it happen for their loyal followers too. Their resemblance to a certain band from Virginia is a thing of the past. Paying no heed to the ones who questioned the need for two vocalists, Metastasis has both Vinay and Sunneith grinding your brain.

Wasting no time on an intro they get down to business with Chakna for Church which happens to be the shortest. Guitarists Aditya and Venky join hands to riff their way to the loudest Bhayanak Maut record. On the bass is Vinit and Jai is the drummer and they too tighten the ends. Chakna for Church is followed up with Dear and Confucius. For me the tracks have been arranged in ascending order – be it length, brutality and likeabilty.

Anupam Roy has an eye for detail and the bands coming out of his stable speak through him. But I’ve been wanting want to say something about Anupam‘s production for a while now and that is all his bands ‘sound’ the same if you know what I mean. So some day if I blindfold myself and pick up a cd from a rack that stocks cds produced by Anupam then I would not be able to say what band I am listening. That uniqueness is absent.

As is with the name of the Ep all the tracks on it also spread to every part of your body and you grow restless. Bhayanak Maut is merciless and you have yourself to blame for getting the Ep Metastasis.

Rating : 3/5

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