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album review : Dead Throne (2011) – The Devil Wears Prada

album : Dead Throne

artist : The Devil Wears Prada

genre : Metalcore

year : 2011

To derive pleasure out of anything in this world, one needs to understand that you’d be wholeheartedly satisfied only if both the sides are willing to adjust on aspects that are very tiny when seen from a distance. The distance need not be physical, but it is emotional as well. Be it a relationship, or the topic I’m concerning myself with at the moment – music. This five-lettered word is like a glove for protection from almost everything, because had there been no music then life would have really sucked.

Now here I am onto a band I recently got introduced to through myself. I know internet is a bitch but it isn’t all that bad. It all began with my urge to checkout the bands under Rise Records, and hence I discovered this six-piece band from Ohio, USA named The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) . The band is no longer with Rise Records (they are signed to Ferret Music now), and Dead Throne is the fourth album in their discography. To best describe the music played by TDWP I’d say they have all the intentions of making it sound metalcore which is an amalgamation of heavy metal and hardcore but they do brush this school of music called post-hardcore.

I like my music to be loud except when I want it to be soft. Well, yea I was not getting anywhere with that. Dead Throne packs together thirteen tracks of intense metalcore chasing the listener to every nook and corner of their senses, sounding glamorous at the same time. Moments on few of the tracks are very much throwing light on the fact that they have never been cloned before. Check out sections on Untidaled, Vengeance, Chicago.

As a complete package there are tracks like Mammoth, Born to Lose, Holdfast where we are tied to our places with the only movement allowed being our body parts trying to play along with the band. The entire process of fitting in a pattern and then executing it to make it sound like how it does on a few others like My Questions and Constance definitely takes a little more than just the ability to play instruments.

Flaws are there, and flaws are going to make me write a better review next time and will make the band make even better music in future. The moment flaws disappear there comes an end, and The Devil Wears Prada are enjoying their stuff too much to do anything like that. What particularly comes into my notice are parts where change of mood doesn’t fit in the flow. Kansas and Forever Decay, although are good compositions, have areas that could well have been tweaked to sound better.

Dead Throne would be remembered for it’s richness, abundance, brutality, melody and for the fact that the entire force of The Devil Wears Prada comes down upon the listener like the most thrilling roller coaster, except that the coaster stops after some time but here the band keeps entertainment alive every time you decide to play the album in its entirety. The Devil Wears Prada is a convincing metal outfit.

Rating : 4/5

Compilation review : Indiean Volume II (2011)

Three years of associations with the people from the music fraternity, selflessly writing and promoting all that is underground and more than two years of friendship with me. This is all it took Santhosh Lobo (owner, IndianRockMp3) to make a family away from his own. When the site completed two years there came Indiean Volume one, so on account of his website turning three we have part two of the compilation.

The compilation contains nine tracks, touches upon as much as seven genres and sub-genres combined together. Not something that happens all the time. Well, I think it’s a wonderful idea to join acts from across the country and merge them on a single playlist. And, then give it out for free download just to make sure everyone listens to it. You can get it here.

1. As Soon As it is Over by Barefaced Liar – This varied band from Delhi is taking giant steps towards acceptance on an altogether different level. This track As Soon As It Is Over is kind enough to touch you, but there are slippages which go unnoticed.

2. Jihad by Motherjane – This track somehow makes me go, ‘dude, I really love old-Motherjane man‘. Those first two albums by this above par band traveled through my senses, very slowly. Jihad, for that matter, did not live up to my expectations.

3. Polymorphic Infection by Amogh Symphony – Bands make music, but Amogh Symphony adds several dimensions to their songs. State of the art production with the most intricate musical values imbibed together make up tracks from this band. Polymorphic Infection is from their second album, The Quantum Hack Code.

4. Visionary by Goddess Gagged – Progressive Post-Hardcore is what Bombay-based Goddess Gagged has been committed to. But, before they got to this genre there was something else they played which too was welcomed with arms wide open. A band to watch out for with a debut album and a music video scheduled.

Goddess Gagged, Bombay

5. Need for Sleep by Noiseware – Holy mother of all! Noiseware is loud and they have every reason to feel proud. Their jam laboratory would be equipped with every complexity there is and they aren’t wrong when they call their music experimental metal. This is what avant garde stuff is made of!

6. De Engineer by Eccentric Pendulum – I have always maintained that if a band can write a track like Cut Through the Light, they are capable of everything. Well almost. De Engineer is not one of the best ones by the band but it has its signature Pendulum moments.

7. Dear <Name> by Bhayanak MautMetastasis was a dangerous Ep that was give out by Bhayanak Maut for free, because it was so brutal, so metal that it’ll chase you till you accept your defeat. They are established, they know what they are doing, so only good things coming our way now. I had fun penning down my thoughts about Metastasis.

8. All That Is by Exhumation – Whether it is writing riffs that nobody else around can, or playing death metal with vigor, Exhumation has been doing the right things for eight years. Consider This was a laid back effort, yet had death metal content with accuracy and speed.

Barefaced Liar, Delhi

9. Xenophobe by Undying Inc – Delhi-based metallers have their own story to tell, are merciless when it comes to making the speakers feel attacked and the listeners feel harassed. All for a good cause, and Undying Inc bless you with a lot of metal. If you think this is exactly what you look for in your metal then they have a full-length that was out this year, go get it.

The compilation even has an album art for the front and back cover, and I think I have a thing for this art. It is apt, and if you look closely, it is detailed too. Done by Akhila Shankar who handles most of the things at IRMP3 now.

Here’s wishing the entire crew of IRMP3 (which includes me, but I have no hand in this compilation) the very best of everything. After all, trolling got a new meaning through this website. Jests aside, even I write and doing this apart from the normal shit you do is tough. Balancing is one of the things we humans are definitely bad at, and if IRMP3 has been doing this for three years and still continues doing it then there is a better tomorrow for the ‘scene’.

Rating : 4/5

I’ve said what I had to, now you vote for your favorite tracks –

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