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YOB in pictures : Live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012

Fans of stoner doom rock n’ roll music benefited the most out of this year’s I’ll Be Your Mirror in London. Out of the six bands on the line-up, four were very closely related to the genre. YOB‘s front-man Mike Scheidt could not contain his feelings about being able to deliver a performance alongside some big names, even though they themselves are able to attract a lot of crowd, and they sure did live up to expectations.

YOB’s set-list for the night –

Prepare the Ground
Burning the Altar
Adrift in the Ocean

This is how the band looked on-stage. Click to enlarge

A Storm of Light’s set at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012 : In pictures

Day one of this year’s I’ll Be Your Mirror was opened by United States of America’s A Storm of Light. Meticulously planned with a video backdrop for every song, à la Roadburn, the first impression was already created by the festival as well as the band, and it was a very deluxe one. I had thought the video backdrop would in some way make up for me not being able to attend Roadburn earlier this year, but as the day passed by I realized the backdrop was only part of A Storm of Light‘s performance. A festival line-up as varied as this one at this one, any sort of complaint would fall on deaf ears. What with YOB, Wolves in the Throne Room, Melvins, Sleep and Slayer warming up back stage.

Animated members of the band ASOL slit open their bag of doom sounds, giving the festivites a gloomy start. A Storm of Light lapped up this opportunity by putting out a memorable performance.

A Storm of Light’s set-list for the night

Wretched Valley
Black Wolves

Here are some pictures shot during their set. Click on them to enlarge

album review : Monod Kinetics (2010) – My Cats A Stargazer

album : Monod Kinetics

artist : My Cats A Stargazer

genre : Ambient, Dream scape, Minimal, Post-Rock, Instrumental

year : 2010


Like watching an ice-cream melt away.
Like taking a leak that was held beyond control.
Like that gaze your lover gives you.
Like that tear a mother lets out watching her newborn.
That is how close the debut release of My Cats A Stargazer gets when translated into the factual world. Throughout the ten songs on Monod Kinetics there never is a point where you would feel forced to have gotten into their side of the world.

Breaking down the album and hence baring what is behind those minds which have come together for this project, the music can be felled into dreamscape, post-rock, ambient, instrumental stuff with minimal vocals. In the age of chaos and despair I have a feeling you can listen to this album only when you are all by yourself. Even two can be a crowd, even a sniffle can be disturbing.

…morning swell… gives the inaugural part of our day a plain transparent quality, …evening air… presents the latter half in an unpolluted manner. …cloud drifter… and …snowshoes… stops time around you while …waveout… and …monolith… pushes you to high five life. The music and vocals on …after arbor… and …undress the universe… wins your heart while …celestial spin… and …future elements… steal your worries.

My Cats A Stargazer drives home the point that if you need to inhale some kind of an energy for upliftment then welcome it with flared nostrils. A visible feature of this band is that if you are a dreamer you ought to listen to this music and if you aren’t then you should just start dreaming.

Rating : 4.5/5

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