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album review : 7 Sinners (2010) – Helloween

album : 7 Sinners

artist : Helloween

genre : Power/Speed Metal

year : 2010

One of the key players of power metal – Helloween are upto something very earnest as one of the tracks from their new release has been named Are You Metal? Although very late in the day, this German five-piece power/speed outfit does not show any signs of being tired. Throughout their discography there have been very few fuckups considerings the amount of albums they have produced. They have given power metal a new lease of life with albums such as Walls of Jericho, both parts of Keeper of the Seven Keys, Gambling with the Devil. This is their fourteenth release and still there is a pinch of freshness sprinkled all over 7 Sinners.

As is with most of their albums the number of tracks exceeds ten and in this case there are thirteen of them. And if you were concerned about whether the speed element in their music has vanished, do not be as they have taken good care of the fact that. They seem to play speed metal with so much of zeal as if it they discovered it just yesterday. They boast this fact in tracks such as Who is Mr. Madman?, World of Fantasy, Long Live the King, You Stupid Mankind and If a Mountain could Talk.

The album opener Where the Sinners Go has been adorned with an alluring ingredient of metal, and that is to make you headbang.
Separating the high-pitched vocals from the songs cannot be imagined. Vocals on My Sacrifice, The sage the fool the sinner and Far in the Future are in a different dimension.

Keyboards and guitars can be seen clashing headon on many tracks as the solos are countless. Just wait till you hear the dual-instrument solo that makes up the last four minutes of the album. The richness of the genre comes out in every track and Helloween is one of the few bands that make me rethink about not being a fan of power metal.

7 Sinners has nothing crappy about it, and this band consisting of quadragenarians knows how to hang on to the crests, and they leave no choice for the troughs but to get out of their way.

Rating : 3.5/5

album review : The Cold (2010) – Flotsam and Jetsam

album : The Cold

artist : Flotsam and Jetsam

genre : Power/Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Metal veterans Flotsam and Jetsam release their tenth album in 2010 and it contains ten tracks. Coincidence?

Flotsam and Jetsam had begun as a thrash metal band way back in 1986 and after almost twenty five years of making music they have not changed the basic identity of the band and that is thrash. Other elements strengthening their songs are always seen and their 2010 album The Cold is progressive power thrash.

Making one sing praises for their new album does not seem like a hard thing for them. The opening minute itself has a hint that they are offering something special. Tracks that walk the progressive thrash line without deviation are Blackened Eyes Staring, Hypocrite, Take and Black Cloud. Wetting your pants even more are the solos on the title track The Cold, Blackened Eyes Staring and Falling Short.

Better Off Dead has an acoustic intro and is one of my favorites. It’s about everything that would make you hope that you were better off dead. Vocalist plays a role that is greater than that of the instruments here. I share similar feelings for Secret Life. Falling Short, Always and K.Y.A. start with thrash and end with thrash. This is what I was talking about initially. Going by the lyrics of K.Y.A. it stands for kick your ass and they do it really well.

I do not remember the last time I discussed this band with anybody. If you haven’t heard Flotsam and Jetsam yet then do so and starting with The Cold would not be a bad idea although there is a hell lot they have in store for you.

Rating : 3.5/5

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