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album review : The Quantum Hack Code (2010) – Amogh Symphony

album : The Quantum Hack Code

artist : Amogh Symphony

genre : Experimental, Progressive, Technical Metal

year : 2010

What gets hard to interpret should be allowed to just pass. As only when that happens does the soul thrive and the meaning is found which goes beyond the customary concepts. Music coming out under the name Amogh Symphony is a world in itself and you look beyond reality. Allowing oneself to voice a follow-up to the body-bending Abolishing the Obsolete System lets the mind stray, just that you aren’t left with any outcome. The album itself was full of complexities that all the assumptions took a backseat. The Quantum Hack Code is just that, it is not what you think it is.

With the start elaborating the base on which the album is built,  Intro – The Fall Of World Defence System has a voice-over. The galaxy of shreds begins right after. Dvorzhetskii’s Prophecy is a cross between technical, progressive, electronic, blues and Indian sound. But so is the rest, puts your cells to some real test. Voice-overs are a part of the album and Osiris 1 again has an explanation. You are trapped thereafter. Vishal Singh maps your mind with his instruments. The Quantum Barrier Code Interpretation By Mainframe and Polymorphic Infection : Releasing Proteus are too progressive fellas. The chilling sections just grow.

Disintegrating the tracks at several points polishes them for a greater shine. This along with briskness shapes several other tracks like X – Karna : Activated and The Nullification Method : ONI VS Proteus. The track that has it all is Decoded : Karnosiris. It is as much Amogh Symphony as we are ourselves. The outro The Collapse Of Q-Web And Osiris 1 is neat. Another puzzling factor are the percussions which would be handled live by Jim Richman. All the best, Jim. Translation of the concept into sketches and the album design has been done by Saloni Sinha.

Full marks to production on this album wherein science and metal exchange pleasantries. The Quantum Hack Code is a wake up call. Receive it lest you miss a chance to attain enlightenment.

Rating : 4.5/5

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