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Adieu, Russian Sojourn

This particular series was started so that you and I could see Russia through the lens of a friend Gaurav Singh. Naming it Russian Sojourn, this also gave me a chance to introduce a couple of new ideas and a poll that had many trying to figure out what exactly is it that fails them in achieving sobriety. The first topic was posted on the fourth of March this year and the last one on the twenty fifth of the same month. Although I personally never wanted this to end but somehow the topic just faded away and following that he had also returned to India. The links below would take you to all the four topics.

Russian Sojourn #1 : Right Spirit

Russian Sojourn #2 : Black & White

Russian Sojourn #3 : Russian Brothel

Russian Sojourn #4 : Nature Calling

Believing that everything has an end led me to write this post. Now I just want the human race to come to an end. I don’t think there could be anything that is even remotely close to being as annoying as humans are. In any case I bid farewell to the topic. I said it once I’ll say it again. Adieu, Russian Sojourn!

Russian Sojourn #4 : Nature Calling

Its strange how certain things around touch us in ways we can only dream of after having some pints of beer. Nature gives us so much that I do not mind it taking some things back, that too when it does not get what it deserves. Not going too much into all that, nature can be as effective as being able to change our outlook towards things. Nature would be the easiest route to encounter that divine feeling. And these thoughts of mine about nature have not risen overnight. Its because of a nature-freak girlfriend who cares more about nature than me. Strange.

A separate post will go into expressing my views on nature, right now cutting the whole story short its been almost three weeks that my friend Gaurav is in Russia and that is how the idea of Russian Sojourn series was born. I was waiting for him to send me something that would force me to write these things that I feel about nature. Something natural. Picture below shows a frozen lake in Russia. Now a very simple thought could be something beneath you freezing. One of the many questions that do not have an answer. Behind you see some light. It is a rare sight of the sun breaking out in that part of the world. Nature’s crude portrait!

Russian Sojourn #2 – Black & White

An Intoxicating Poll was conducted in the previous Russian Sojourn series, and the results till now make it clear that there are no teetotallers (or, almost negligible) visiting this place. That is a different level of relief, and I am unable to express the same here. Some Tuborg might come to the rescue.

Wish I knew about the Russian metal scene a little more than I do right now so I could write something. As of now not much has been spotted by skilled cameraman Gaurav out there. But I will make sure he will bump into something metal in Russia. And why am I hellbent – Burzum’s official site has been made in only two languages, English and Russian. Now that is enough reason to respect Russia, no?

What you see below is exactly how Russia is at the moment. Not that it is a cause of concern but I wonder who cleaned the other half of the car?

Expect some more stuff coming your way all the way from Russia. Lets hope we get some controversial pictures being clicked. But what remains a question is what exactly or how much exactly makes something controversial. I don’t know.

And If you still do not know how the Russian Sojourn series originated, you ought to click here : Origin of Russian Sojourn

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