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Ep review : Elements of Brutality (2011) – Blood Meridian

ep : Elements of Brutality

artist : Blood Meridian

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

Identifying the need for some quality death metal has driven the members of Blood Meridian to record and release their debut Ep Elements of Brutality. Five individuals with a boastful list of influences have tried to push the limits, doing things in their own fucking way. The end product of this band’s well sounding music conveys enough about their abilities and intentions.

The Ep stocks five tracks, is a carefully prepared pulp of raw technical death metal and it tastes of some heavy gore-oriented riffs. Blood Meridian knowningly or uknowingly revists the old times while not indulging in the wear and tear of their metal. Not that they create some new style of death but we aren’t even interested in having some alteration being done to this style of the genre. The album also has a cover of Decapitated track Spheres of Madness which has the band’s stamp on it.

Listeners will be chased with both growls and squeals as the vocalist displays variety for his parts on each track. The drummer’s sections could be tweaked and experimented with at several places. Also there should have been some more complexity introduced within the songs as the guitarists have shown their prowess in holding together the ends. Trying to chug the entire album will leave your asking for more bass, so hang in there and be patient.

The entire production was done at MotorG studios. While an upward trend can be noticed with every MotorG release (Indian band Devoid‘s debut A God’s Lie and now this), several potatoes are yet to be mashed. Though the band’s logo seems familiar, veteran designer Saloni Sinha provides an acceptable visual insight into the album.

Dirty death metal with a rugged touch of technicality closes the first chapter for Blood Meridian. Although Elements of Brutality is not something that would lead you into shoplifting it but the album should be received with whistles and claps. All the efforts that have gone into Blood Meridian‘s debut will be noticed. Starting now.

Rating : 3.5/5

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