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Black Sabbath live on Jim Marshall Stage at Download Festival, 2012 : A review in pictures

The title says it all. Possibly Black Sabbath‘s last performance of their career, and as expected drummer Bill Ward was replaced by Tommy Clufetos (drummer Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Alice Cooper).  They headlined Jim Marshall Stage on the final day of Download Festival 2012. Even after almost forty three years of the band’s formation, Black Sabbath showed more than a hundred thousand of us why they are still one of the greatest metal bands that’s ever walked the earth.

Black Sabbath’s set-list for Download Festival, 2012

Black Sabbath
The Wizard
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Into the Void
Under the Sun
War Pigs
Sweet Leaf
Symptom of the Universe (instrumental)
Drum Solo
Iron Man
Fairies Wear Boots
Tomorrow’s Dream
Dirty Women
Children of the Grave


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Melvins live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Melvins definitely know how to have fun while performing. While they rocked and rolled the audiences, I was standing right below them with goosebumps. Melvins wrote the principal set of laws for the genres of sludge/drone sometime around 1984, and have been captivating the metal lovers ever since. They have been quoted as an influence by more bands than the amount of precision with which they were jamming on their songs this particular evening at the second edition of I’ll Be Your Mirror, 2012.

They have four vocalists, one lead guitarist, one bass player and two drummers and are still a four-piece act. With their next album Freak Puke ready for release, this gig served as a much needed sneak peak into the next record. Shall I praise the co-ordination between the drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis, or should I highlight the genuine admiration the band garnered from the audiences? All of our playful bantering, hip gyrations and unoriginal reflexes aside the least I can say is everyone present loved every minute they spent with one of the most unusual bands I have come across, a band that has composed music spanning across multiple genres – the one and only Melvins.

Melvins’s set-list for the night 

Hung Bunny
Roman Bird Dog
The Water Glass
Evil New War God
A History of Bad Men
Youth of America (Wipers cover)
A Growing Disgust
The War on Wisdom
The Bit

Pictures from Melvins’s performance. Click on the pictures to to enlarge them.


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Wolves in the Throne Room live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012

Sleep live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012

Slayer live at I’ll Be Your Mirror, London 2012

Cannibal Corspe live at Destroyers of the Faith, London 2012 : A review in pictures

The band everyone was really here for at London’s HMV Forum from various parts of the country was about to show all of us what it takes to be one of the greatest death metal band ever.

But before that there is a little something I’d like to write about. When I landed outside the Kentish Town tube station I saw hordes of people in black. I went up to two friends to know where exactly the venue was. They were busy discussing something. It was then when one said to the other, “Dude, you should listen to Darkthrone” and he turned towards me. There I was wearing a Darkthrone t-shirt and the three of us just stood there looking at each other. One of us had to break the ice now, as we did not realize what just happened. Well, its called coincidence. The same guy, who was in a Death hoodie by the way, started expressing as to how he was just telling his friend about Darkthrone. “Oh yes, killer band” is all I said. We talked for about a minute or two and the same guy told me how he couldn’t wait for Cannibal Corpse to play Hammer Smashed Face and that it was all he was here for. I told them I was hoping CC plays some new stuff too. A quick question about the directions to the venue and that’s how I landed up at HMV Forum. This was exactly three hours before Triptykon left the stage.

After a good twenty-minutes setup, amidst some guitar tuning and drum beats the main headliners Cannibal Corpse opened the gates to quality metal with Evisceration Plague. All hell broke loose as bodies started flying and heads started banging fiercely. The owner of the most powerful neck on this planet, which is also home to the very throat that gives birth to the majestic growls – Corpsegrinder controlled the crowd. We were all his pawns. Humorous at times and straight-to-the-point at others he even made the women wet by dedicating Fucked With A Knife to them. The almost one hour set had Alex playing his bass to the best of his abilities, while Pat and Rob were unstoppable. And behind the kit we had Paul making it clear that death metal drumming is much harder than it seems. So yea it was pretty much pure death metal and no bullshit by Cannibal Corpse. The audience was also reminded that Torture releases sometime next week. Well, we all know this band, so the subject remains the same but the arrangement and situation changes. Pick up your copy soon is all I have to say.

And hence the curtains came down on Destroyers of the Faith 2012 tour’s London gig. Brought to you by Metal Hammer this event had both variety and complexity on the line-up. The whole event was surely a success and I bet this was just the beginning. Either way we aren’t complaining, are we?

Corpse‘s set-list for the night –

1. Evisceration Plague
2. The Time to Kill is Now
3. Disfigured
4. Demented Aggression
5. Scourge of Iron
6. I Cum Blood
7. Fucked With a Knife
8. Covered With Sores
9. Born in a Casket
10. The Wretched Spawn
11. I Will Kill You
12. Priests of Sodom
13. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
14. Make Them Suffer
15. Hammer Smashed Face
16. Stripped, Raped and Strangled

The indomitable Cannibal Corpse live in action. Click on the pictures to enlarge them :


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Enslaved live at Destroyers of the Faith, London 2012 : A review in pictures

Hailing from Norway, Enslaved were the next band for the evening after Job For A Cowboy. This was the second time I watched Enslaved live. I was never a stranger to their music and the band was sounding much more confident than they did during their India gig. They started the show with Ethica Odini from their last full-length, and the set-list also included their popular cover of Led Zeppelin‘s Immigrant Song. The dazzling combination of progressive black and viking metal was brought alive for an audience that reciprocated by banging their heads left, right and center. By the time Enslaved had finished half their set the venue was starting to get packed, and the audience gave a roaring response to Enslaved‘s tracks. The band pretty much deserves every bit of it, because they have believed in their music since 1991 and that, my fellow metalheads, is a fucking long time. As for their performance at Destroyers of the Faith, I would not have replaced them with any other. May the soaring Norwegian metal scene continue to entertain us forever.

The pictures I clicked when Enslaved was performing for us. Click to enlarge


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The indomitable Cannibal Corpse live at Destroyers of the Faith tour, London 2012. Click. Now!

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