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album review : Sounds of Violence (2011) – Onslaught

album : Sounds of Violence

artist : Onslaught

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2011

thrash thrash baby!

A series of pleasurable thrash metal albums have been on the loose, and these bands have not allowed the debate to go against them. Sodom did it, Violator carried it forward, Tankard didn’t disappoint, Legion of the Damned delivered and now it is Onslaught ready with the brute force.

Sounds of Violence is the fifth release by chaotic thrashers Onslaught and this album from Great Britain is going to be noticed by the entire thrash community. Fans would hear this album with their ears erect and would slowly loosen their grip as they’d find their favorite band on fire. I’d highly recommend tracks like Born For War, Code Black, Godhead and Antitheist.

Not another Motörhead cover, but seriously there is one present on this album too. Onslaught choose Bomber from Lemmy‘s 1979 classic album. Joining the band on this cover is the guitarist of Motörhead Phil Campbell and Tom Angelripper (Sodom). One problem that I have, not just with Onslaught but with all the thrash bands, is the choice of their sound and production. Even though the music is terrific and tight it is the production where these bands score less.

Onslaught can now take it’s time before re-entering the studio considering they have not allowed the bees to build their hive. Thanks to the calculated noise they have presented on Sounds of Violence. Let the thrashing begin.

Rating : 3.5/5

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