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album review : The Final Frontier (2010) – Iron Maiden

albumThe Final Frontier

artistIron Maiden

genre : Heavy Metal


With utmost respect to one of the most widely heard and adored heavy metal band, I hereby impart that The Final Frontier is not anything more than ordinary. I am sure those of us who have admired Maiden for their epics do not care how they sound here but there is something called expectation that is synonymous to murder. The Final Frontier is diluted by portions that in a way lightens their touch to a genre the band has been ever expanding. Having just spilled that, I sense progressive material awaiting you.

The wait for the album seemed longer than it should have been mainly because there wasn’t any other major release as this one to ease out things. Opening the album with a Satellite 15… The Final Frontier, they take a good four and a half minutes to introduce the subject. But they know their thing well and while Bruce is singing The Final Frontier he does manage to take you (somewhere) back in time. At over eight minutes the title track is a message of the band’s arrival. Satellite 15 it is.

Track two is the single El Dorado that was out some months back. Not an earthquake material but nevertheless there had to be a teaser track that gave out the band’s next idea. Mother Of Mercy has a vocal intro and a classic Maiden start. Good on melody and soft on soul, song three manages to keep you within the reach. Mother Of Mercy and the next track Coming Home put across the feel good factor. There is lots more to follow.

The Alchemist is very much what you have heard before. If Maiden‘s in your blood then you might even mistaken it for a particular old song. Up next is my favorite from the album. Isle of Avalon has a dark mystery surrounding it and that is what I felt when I heard The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg. Even today they make nine minutes seem short. It has the best solo on the album.

The album could have done without Starblind and I mean it. The Talisman too does not do the trick for me. The tides haven’t turned yet as the last twenty minutes of the album are still remaining. The last two tracks namely The Man Who Would Be King and When The Wild Wind Blows restore the glory back and I cannot believe that Maiden‘s fifteenth studio album has already ended. The band did their part though, they made it as lengthy as they could.

I really hope The Final Frontier is not their last studio release as there is some fun even in waiting for their albums. Comparison is inevitable and so The Final Frontier is more of a laid-back effort by Iron Maiden but they are still standing strong and they still kick your ass.

Rating : 3/5

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album review : Belus (2010) – Burzum

I was probably the only Burzum fan left to hear Belus. It was only on 27th of Feb – 2 days after the leak – that I finally got to hear it. Ever since the album leaked I have spent a couple of restless days and cribbed myself for the kind of job I do. I had heard only good things about the album. But I must add here that even if the reviews were bad I would have got myself the album with the same zeal. That is the kind of belief I have in Burzum’s music.

Returning to his fans after almost 11 years, Burzum has not changed in terms of his definition of black metal. When it comes to this genre there are a couple of names that instantly clog your mind. Burzum undoubtedly being one of them has earned that position not only because he slayed Euronymous but also because he is the wolf behind those genre-defining albums – Burzum, Det Som Engang Var, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. And now we have Belus.

I was apprehensive about how Belus would sound considering the disappointing trends certains comebacks have set. But Belus is all Burzum. It is an answer to the shoddy music we get nowadays in the name of raw black metal because Belus is raw as fuck. The album which has eight tracks grows on you each time you play it. I would go on to say Belus is very much on the lines of his best work. Or even better.

There is something about the unique ilk of melody that Burzum produces. It gives me that satisfaction I look for in black metal. Be it det som engang var, naar himmelen klarner, my journey to the stars, or the ever-lovable the crying orc. I get that same feeling when I hear tracks on Belus.

The signature repetitive riffs and beats are all present on this comeback. Though I love each track the ones that are an addiction already are belus’ doed, glemselens elvkaimadalthas’ nedstigning. The only thing that I am missing on this record are those screams, as Burzum has chosen to be harsher this time.

Burzum has given me a reason to believe that certain things in life can always be depended on. I hold things that are close to my heart in high regard and now Belus is one of them. I always feel I was late in discovering Burzum and ever since I heard him, his creations have meant beyond just music to me. Burzum (the word) doesn’t just mean darkness, he personifies it. A darkness that is so pristine, and fulfilling that it gives the antonym of brightness an altogether new meaning.

Belus is another cult offering, with every element intact. If you look for that wholesomeness in your music, then Belus is your answer, and Burzum – your mentor.

Rating : 4.5/5

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