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album review : Kairos (2011) – Sepultura

album : Kairos

artist : Sepultura

genre : Thrash Metal/Groove/Hardcore

year : 2011

If you thought coffee and cocoa are the chief exports from Brazil then think again. For as long as I remember it is thrash from Brazil that has dominated the world thrash scene. That’s when I talk about thrash with class of course. We have prostitutes in every nook and corner of the world but we all have read where the classy ones are available, haven’t we? Shhh…

This is Sepultura‘s twelfth studio album, and Kairos is what we all wanted to hear in an year where there have been so less thrash releases. If we deduct the bonus tracks then Kairos has fifteen tracks on it. While it played I did not even realize that so many tracks actually got over. This, friends, is a sign that Kairos doesn’t just protect the genre but adds extra caps to that glorious speedy nature of thrash music with ample amount of groove in it.

Sepultura got acclimatized to thrash metal in the initial days of their formation announcing their stay here for a pretty fucking long time. Man, did they keep their word or what. They still have so much of fresh material with them and the attitude to materialize the same. Kairos has a force and determination in it that it pins you down while hearing it for the first time. They walk the thin line between thrash and hardcore. Something which can be defined as ‘thrashcore’, and the vocals justify the term. I speak for Kairos, Dialog, Mask and No One Will Stand. Also, be ready for loads of solos that are going to please you.

Mid-song experiments where the band is trying to play with the song’s tempo happens a lot on Kairos. Most actively on Relentless, Just One Fix, Born Strong and Structure Violence (Azzes). Out of the four tracks that go the names 2011, 1433, 5772 and 4648 respectively, only 4648 is a full-length track. The rest three are just there as thirty-second fillers so that you get a grip of what is going on the album. What particularly is a drawback here is the fact that I did not want to play this album the fourth time. Strange, but I’m not one to force an album down my earlobes. I enjoyed it while I played it but that’s about it.

Except for drummer Jean Dolabella (who is 33 years old) the rest of the band members have entered the quadragenarian stage of their lives, and I must say they have made this entry with grace. It would be a treat to watch Sepultura play songs from Kairos live in a concert as the songs are constructed for live audiences. How I want them to return back to India for the second time loaded with songs from Kairos. It’s time Sepultura hogs the limelight once again in 2011 as I am getting to give a heartily positive opinion about Kairos. The band isn’t hitting their musical menopause anytime soon.

Rating : 3/5

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