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festival review: Iced Earth live at Bangalore Open Air, 2013

One of the biggest names in heavy metal, over 25 years of experience in ruling the metal business and with ten full-length albums to their name – Iced Earth from United States was welcomed by a meager crowd with visibly less enthusiasts than one would hope to see at their concert. But that is neither the fault of the organizers, nor the band’s.

stu block iced earth live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history 02

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As the headlining act at Bangalore Open Air’s 2013 edition, Iced Earth fit the bill perfectly considering their legacy and their ardor on stage. Iced Earth have composed songs for your party, and for your happiest moments, at the same time they have tracks about grimness, they make a human connection with their lyrics, also belt out music about their personal experiences. They have it all.

jon schaffer iced earth live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history

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With the preparations on Ronnie James Dio stage in order, the professionalism shown by the organizers and the arrangements on the performing platform in place, Iced Earth clasped the opportunity to do what they do best – Play heavy fucking metal. John Schaffer and co. unshackled years of their love for music by performing for an audience that is over 8000 miles away from where they hail from.

troy seele iced earth live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history

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Expecting chaos in the pit (which I am not fond of) during a performance people would die to be a part of I could see enough space for a pregnant lady or a potbellied fat fuck to walk around freely. luke appleton iced earth live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history Anyways, I focused on the instruments, the vocals and the sound and everything culminated into a favorable situation with even the weather not playing a spoilsport. The set-list included a mix of old classics like I Died For You and Iced Earth, as well as their newer material Dystopia and Anthem. Quite a band that names their track Anthem. Moving on, Stu Block blew the roof with his high pitch and if there was anyone who could replace Matt Barlow it is Stu. What a singer!

iced earth live bangalore open air 2013 absurd history

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But without Troy Steele and John Schaffer (on guitars), Luke Appleton (on bass) and Raphael Saini (on drums) we couldn’t have imagined such a spectacular display of metal unison. Well, I can go on and on about how unfortunate the band was for being able to spot the last person in the crowd, but then for us fans it was nothing less than a success. The gig and the festival. Beer, heavy metal and a true fan need no company. So, I shall just say thank you, Iced Earth. Just keep going…

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[ Pictures – courtesy of Khushboo Sinha. Everybody head over to the link to check out more of her work here: Khushboo Sinha’s tumblr page ]

album review : The Hunter (2011) – Mastodon

album : The Hunter

artist : Mastodon

genre : Technical/Progressive Groove Metal

year : 2011

Progressive powerhouse Mastodon are never seen overdoing anything, be it abiding by the principles of the genre they are known to excel at or the technicalities they incorporate. Scoring high and being up on the fan list all throughout the band’s lifespan till now, The Hunter is another important follow up that is going to remain on the playlist at least for the remaining part of the year.

Here, on The Hunter we see them getting comfortable with a few newer ingredients that only make their music more appealing. The groove cannot be ignored but if you are on tracks like Blasteroid, Octopus Has No Friends and Thickening then the stoner effect is visible. Making the walls around me rotate all the more. Title track The Hunter is the trippiest of them all.

In Mastodon‘s case the regularity made finding flaws difficult. Their discography, which now has five albums with The Hunter, is like one of the brightest firecracker in the progressive sky. The more you allow the albums to settle down, the more you get into them and the more you fall for Mastodon.

Another quality of Mastodon is to hug emotions tight enough so you are never short of any feeling. Considering what they do on Stargasm, Creature Lives and Bedazzled Fingernails I don’t think there is a better way to reduce the distance between the band and us than tightening the emotions on the songs.

Troy Sanders is more like the soul of Mastodon, as he even adds to the band technically. The guitar’s sweet noise is plush while the drums make the album out and out progressive, and the groove comes naturally with it. See how it goes on Curl Of The Burl, All The Heavy Lifting, Bedazzled Fingernails. Songs like Dry Bone Valley and Spectrelight spin, shake and gyrate the sound that the instruments make.

Technical grace haunts you on Black Tongue, Creature Lives and The Sparrow, and so does the album art. It’s freaky, apt and teases the eyes, might even make you start seeing things if you stare at it for too long.

Mastodon are a mammoth act focusing only on bettering themselves, making us fans happier and providing us with records that are more like statements than just albums. Playing The Hunter will rid you of all your notions about how so many different elements can be combined together to produce metal.

Rating: 4.5/5

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