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Interaction section – a little something

Always wanted this, was just waiting for the right time. Beginning tomorrow I am going to have this new section where I would be talking to people I would want to have here. Call it interacting, interviewing or flirting I am already liking every bit of it. Idea is to keep it completely informal, laid back and relaxed.

So there has to be someone who cuts the ribbon. Yes the first guest on this section is a friend and an international artist. And  most of you have atleast heard of him. If not then you will know him tomorrow. Until then, ha det bra.

The Flaming Skull Forums

When was the last time you went to some forums and found like minded people around? When was the last time you felt like visiting a website to find out about a gig that is happening in town? Here your thinking would not help as you do not have many. And what makes me use the term many is the fact that there were places promoting the metal/rock scene in India, where I made sure I logged in atleast once a day to keep myself updated.

Now a couple of them that instantly remind me of the times I spent keeping the above mentioned intentions in mind would be demonstealerrecords website, gigpad, emusicpost site and rsj forums. Whereas I was dependent on gigpad for gig updates, I visited rsj forums to have some metal fun and share my metal thoughts. And then something went wrong. I am still active on demonstealerrecords forums but I can count the number of active  members on my fingers and I know all of them personally. Or atleast most of them.

Now a forum in the wider sense is meant to gather people from all diverse fields and give them a platform to express themselves. Ofcourse metal in this context. And when I say I know most of them it directly implies that the place is not happening. Adding not happening anymore would explain better. It is not anyone’s fault here as it is a task in itself to keep any forums alive, and analyzing the situation would lead us nowhere.

The flaming skull podcast or tfsp that was started in July last year to promote the Indian scene saw many metalheads across the nation throng their website for whatever reasons they had. But a significant fact to note here is that their website got 17000+ hits in a short span of time, and considering it was a website providing listeners with podcast episodes to download its a large number. A small shoutbox present on the site had everyone trying to shout out the obvious things about what band kicked ass on the released episode, or what band should be featured next and why. The discussion was never-ending.

this is what awaits you

At this very juncture the people behind the podcast felt the need of introducing the forums. With their intentions being to constantly diminish the gap between them and the listeners, launching the forums could only improve things. Lets face it, we all need a place we can relate to and be part of.

So after the ninth metalcast episode and the first rockcast one, you are provided with forums. Visit it, and explode the place. Be it metal or rock, you can speak out and most importantly share. In a life that cannot get busier, wherever you are you can come here and chill. The flaming skull forums is easy to access and like any other community website you will spot a register option, and it all ends with you filling your email address. So you have no reason to complain. And before you say you do not have the link to the forums, here you go The Flaming Skull Forums

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