Ep review : Annihilation Process (2010) – Violator

ep : Annihilation Process

artist : Violator

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2010

Brazil has been the hub of thrash metal ever since the time there was a need for bands to play more of this genre. Trust me if you have not experienced Brazilian thrash, and it is not just Sepultura I am talking about, then you have not lived enough thrash. Violator is just one of them and they debuted in 2002. Representative of a new era of thrash, Violator picked themes that have always been pets of the genre. Collaborating for a lot of split releases they have had just one full-length before. Annihilation Process is their second Ep.

Riffing on the seven tracks of the Ep is furious and the band should get for being so brutally honest to thrash metal. The vocals aren’t tampered, the speed hasn’t been compromised on, the solos are nasty and the bass lines are thumping. Even the Executor cover You’ll Come Back Before Dying does complete justice to the original version. It is the old school quality of Violator that makes it difficult to avoid the band. Not that there is a need to.

From what I remember I fell for this band even before I heard any of their songs back then, as their logo was effective enough.  With this Ep the only issue I have is that there are seven tracks and that is a little too much for an Ep. Musically the record has everything that I wanted from them, now only they can tell me what could be better.

Rating : 4/5

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